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A revolutionary Orthopaedic support brace with adjustable assist. Allowing the wearer or the physiotherapist to vary the support tension of the brace according to the individual’s recovery needs.

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Here at Wearable Kinetics, we understand that various recovery profiles exist from person to person. 
The recovery ability and pain threshold of patients may vary independently by age, gender and personality. This is where X-Brace's design team has taken into consideration the lack of existing products on the market, that are able to cater to a wide variation of individuals, with individual needs.

design and innovation

Hence, with X-Brace, we allow for adjustability and customisation that no other product on the market today, will be able to provide. Our patented mechanism  and modular design allows healthcare technicians the freedom to customise each brace within the needs of the user. 

ADjustability and customization

WHY XBrace?

A consequence of knee injuries or osteoarthritis is the inability to fully activate the quadriceps muscles, a problem termed as atherogenic muscle inhibition, AMI. This is also very prevalent in post-operative patients who have undergone knee surgery or knee replacements. Quadriceps weakness pre and post-surgery can persist and lead to less than desirable outcomes and prolonged rehabilitation as well as loss of muscle activity such as in stair climbing. As such, the Xbrace was developed as proprietary ergonomic design to assist such patients with their rehabilitation.


The Xbrace solution

With business to business partnerships, we aim to provide a service to users with the help of authorized and certified orthopedic clinics. X-brace is immensely focused on providing a unique service to clinics and medical centers keen on providing their users with customizability, innovation and the flexibility required to suit their medical needs. 

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